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The vast sprawling lands of the United States of America are ideal for exploration via car, especially if you have a great amount of time to spend in the country. From the Rocky Mountains to cool urban cities, there are limitless places to discover in this popular destination. Within the 50 states that make up America, there are many different cultures, heritages and histories, primarily thanks to mass immigration in previous years. There is literally something for everyone in this particular country, with every culture in the world accounted for here.

Important things to note

There are many toll roads on American roads, which are also known as Turnpikes. It is important to remember to keep a wide range of change within your vehicle, as few booths accept debit or credit cards. If, for whatever reason, you are pulled over by the police, you should not exit your vehicle. The correct protocol is to pull the vehicle over to the side of the road, turn off the engine, ensure your hands are visible and wait for the police to come to you. In the United States of America, it is illegal to overtake a school bus, meaning you must simply drive behind the vehicle.

Driving culture in the USA

What are the roads like in the USA?
In general, American cities were designed to accommodate cars, meaning the roads are generally wide and excellently treated. The vast majority of major cities accommodate cars, though there are a few exceptions that discourage the use of a personal vehicle.

What are the drivers like in the USA?
It is generally fair to say that American drivers are reasonably considerate to other road users, with those on the east and west coasts particularly famed for their considerate driving. Should you be driving in the midwest or south; you should be more aware of other drivers, though driving culture differs much from state to state.

What are the best times to drive?
For the wide majority of the United States, the driving times alter depending on work and school traffic, much the same as it does in the United Kingdom. Choose your times to drive as you would in the United Kingdom, avoiding rush hour. However, in some states such as New York and Boston, traffic is consistently heavy with no known time for easier traffic.

What are the driving laws?
There are no necessary items that must be kept in your car at all times. Much the same as the United Kingdom, it is illegal to call or text whilst driving; however, drivers are permitted to use GPS services found on many smart phones whilst driving, as long as the driver does not input any data whilst driving.

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